Ready to Use NextJS dapp.

UsingTalentLayer & XMTPprotocols.

All essential components to start building an amazing dapp with interoperable work and messaging

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Amazing features to make your work easier

With value-added features and a user-friendly environment, our starter kit empowers you to unlock the full potential of TalentLayer and XMTP, enabling the creation of an outstanding dapp experience


Easily create and manage user identities with TalentLayerId soulbound NFT

Web3 messaging

Enable direct and secure messaging between wallets using XMTP

Gig & proposal workflow

Smart contract interractions to connect with the TalentLayer open network

Secured escrow

Ensure trust and security in transactions with TalentLayer escrow system


Empowers users to review each other fostering trust within your dapp

Landing page

This landing is part of the starter, please customize it with your brand and features!

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The open source starterKit

Build the future of Work

This project aims to help builders and hackers to start fast on using XMTP and TalentLayer protocols. It contains demo code for all the previous features.
These are some examples of what you can build:

In-Chat Bounty Management

a messaging app with native features to manage hiring and paying bounties. Imagine if you could submit your hackathon project, get it approved for a bounty, and receive payment, all with a few DMs, without leaving your messaging app.

In-Chat Gig transaction

Imagine an app tailored for freelancers, enabling effortless communication with clients, seamless agreement on gigs, and secure payments all through simple messaging.

How it Works?

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Fork the code

All the code is fully open source, you can use it for any purposes, it's here


Setup your local environnement by copying the .env.example and adjust the variables

Enjoy and code!

You can now start coding and improve the basic messaging system with your incredible features!

What Dev's Say

We highly value feedback from our users as it plays a crucial role in enhancing our starter kit, refining the user experience, and continuously improving the features and functionality to meet the evolving needs of our community.

The integration process of the TalentLayer and XMTP protocols was seamless using your starter kit. It saved us a significant amount of time and effort, allowing us to focus more on building unique features for our dapp. The documentation provided was clear and comprehensive, making it easy for our development team to understand and utilize the kit effectively.


Fullstack dev


We appreciate the value-added features included in your starter kit. The pre-built components and streamlined development environment made it simple to create a great dapp experience quickly. Additionally, the responsiveness of your support team in addressing our queries and providing guidance was outstanding.
Thank you :)




Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Next.js starter kit for TalentLayer and XMTP integration, helping you navigate through the implementation process and make the most out of the powerful features provided.

Just NodeJS & npm

No, you do not need an admin account to use XMTP. The XMTP protocol is designed to be plug and play, allowing users to seamlessly integrate and utilize its functionality without the need for an admin account.

Yes, TalentLayer the minimum viable for interoperability. You can add any other fields in the IPFS json linked to a review. This is also the case for user profile and service data.

Yes it's better to mint your platformId, it will let you configure your platform, define fees and other important setup. See more here

Need any help?

Please contact us on the hackhathon discords or direclty inside the dapp using xmtp support conversation :)

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